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What is Pashmina?

Pashmina is a very fine wool made from the undercoat of domestic Himalayan goats.  The name is derived from Persian pashm or wool.*

The Capra Hircus goat is from the most remote regions of the Himalayas.  In order to survive the harsh weather conditions during the Himalayan winters, their inner coat of hair is especially thin and warm enough to insulate them in the freezing temperatures.  The unique qualities of their inner coat are what make pashmina so desirable.  It is fine, soft and incredibly durable.  The hair used to create pashmina is in fact so fine, that it cannot be spun in a machine.  Therefore, all pashmina products must be hand-woven.  The amount of wool needed to produce one pashmina shawl comes from the undercoat of roughly three goats.  But take comfort in the fact that these goats are not harmed during the process of producing pashmina. This is because the wool is collected only after being shed naturally.  The goats shed their coats about once a year, and the wool is collected and traditionally hand-woven in a loom.  The end result is a pashmina shawl or scarf.

Some know pashmina as the diamond fabric and the soft gold of high Asia.  It is considered to be the highest grade of very fine wool.  The distinguishable characteristics of pashmina are its exceptional softness, its durability and its luxuriousness.  The durability of pashmina comes from the way in which it is hand-woven.  The fibers are refined and tightly woven, so a pashmina scarf or shawl will last for years with the proper care. 

In recent years, the popularity of these products has risen tremendously.  Silk/Pashmina blends have become more common as the demand for pashmina scarves, wraps, stoles and shawls has increased.  The sheen quality of silk, when combined with the softness of pashmina, produces a dynamic and more affordable option for people who desire the look and luxuriousness of 100% pashmina products.

At Brassloom, our styles of scarves and shawls range from the traditional and timeless to the fashion-forward and contemporary.  We design both printed and embroidered styles and we also offer an array of Single Tone and Two Tone color options.  Our collection includes 100% Pashmina, Pashmina/Silk Blends, Silk scarves and Silk Blend scarves.  

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