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Our history begins in Nepal.  Our family has been in the pashmina business for a very long time since my father began his career working with a company that produces pashmina products. Years later in the 1990s, Sushma Handicrafts was born when my parents decided to embark independently with their passion and experience in the pashmina business.  They started their own pashmina manufacturing factory in Nepal.  Sushma was created because my parents have a deep respect and understanding of the fine quality and luxuriousness of pashmina.  Eventually my parents decided to bring these fine products to the United States by setting up shops in some of the most high-end malls in the Boston area.  For over 10 years, Sushma has provided these fine quality Nepalese pashmina scarves, wraps, stoles and shawls in Boston.

The popularity of Sushma has led to its expansion, which is why we decided to build Brassloom by Sushma.  We carry the same products and offer the same level of customer service as the Sushma stores, and we are now accessible to everyone.  We couldn’t be more excited about our new venture and welcome you to please browse our collection, which includes 100% Pashmina, Pashmina/Silk Blends, Silk scarves and Silk Blend scarves. 

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