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How to Wear Pashmina


There are multiple ways to wear a pashmina scarf or shawl, but there are a few basic styles that are ideal for both special occasions and for everyday use.  We’ve outlined our favorites below:


The European Loop:

This style is perfect for a casual, playful and modern look.  It is great when worn over a tailored blazer or chunky knit sweater.  You begin by folding the scarf in half before placing it around your neck.  Once you place it around your neck, thread the end through the loop you created.  This is also known as the European Knot.


The Wrap:

This next style is for those of you that tend to fancy elegant, dramatic and glamorous looks.  It is completely classic, a bit formal and is reminiscent of vintage Hollywood circa-1940s.  Pair it with your boldest red lipstick and little black dress because here, the pashmina becomes your style statement. The generous size of our pashmina shawls are essential to pulling off this look.



The Toss:

Effortless and timeless, this look works well with something casual like a T-shirt and jeans.  Here, the pashmina scarf becomes the focus of the outfit, so keeping the rest of your ensemble subtle is the key to making it work.  Choose one of our printed or patterned pashminas for a chic, radiant and sophisticated overall look.



The Knot:

As its name suggests, this look entails knotting your pashmina.  Loop the pashmina scarf around your neck and loosely knot the ends together about halfway down.  The effect is modern, stylish and fashion-forward.  It works perfectly with a variety of outfits, both casual and formal.  Try it with one of our Two Tone pashmina scarves for an even more contemporary look.



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